What can Little Kids do for me?

Yes! All of our bubbles are non-toxic and are made without dyes. 

Yes! All of our bubbles are non-toxic and are made without dyes. We test all of our products with CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) certified independent third party labs. Each toy meets or exceeds the requirements of the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act). All of our products are manufactured to strict specifications and are built for safety and durability.

While we think Little Kids No Stain, No Dye, Non Toxic Bubble Liquid makes the best bubbles, you can use bubble solution from any other manufacturer with any Little Kids bubble toy and it will work very well.

All bubble toys work best when the toy and bubble liquid are free of contaminants. For our non-battery operating bubble toys, simply hand wash the toy in warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly. For our battery operated toys, simply wipe the toy with a damp cloth to remove residue. Do not immerse the toy in water.

Little Kids receives many inquiries regarding new product ideas and inventions, but we do not accept any unsolicited submissions. We have found it necessary to adopt this policy because we rely on our employees and affiliated inventors to supply our new product ideas. Some companies in our industry have had claims made against them by people who allege that the company used an idea, even though the company had received only the most general of concepts. Since the employees of Little Kids are constantly working on a number of ideas in many areas, we cannot accept outside submissions, or the risks associated with these submissions. If you do send anything to us, you agree that any idea, invention or other submission in that material you send to Little Kids is in the public domain, is not confidential and is sent by you for use by Little Kids without payment or compensation to you. Some inventors use brokers to market their ideas. A broker introduces toy ideas to the broker’s contacts. You may wish to contact a toy broker directly, or through the industry’s trade association, Toy Industry Association at www.toy-tia.org or call them at 212/675-1141. Little Kids does not recommend or endorse any specific broker, and cannot say whether a broker is suitable for your circumstances. In addition, using a broker does not assure that Little Kids or any other company will review your idea or accept your submission. We thank you for your interest in our company, and wish you success with your ideas and inventions.

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