At LKI, we’ve been creating toys that make kids smile, and work like magic for over 25 years! To us, childhood is all about making time to play – we aim to make products that help families savor their time together. Our mission is to make quality toys at affordable prices – so your family can enjoy them across generations. 

Why choose LKI?

Play time is essential to children’s growth in so many areas, such as physical, sensory, social, and intellectual development. Play gives kids the opportunity to experiment and try out all the things they are learning in their day to day lives, as well as develop new skills. Playing allows children to learn by doing and allows them to directly experience the real world around them. Our toys are designed to help kids learn through play! 

Bubble and Water Toys Help Kids:

  • Engage in sensory play and improve dexterity!
  • Get outside and be active in nature!
  • Improve social skills and gain leadership knowledge!
  • Engage in self-directed play, and learn about others and the world around them
  • Express themselves creatively!
  • Gain confidence in themselves!


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